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"A Few Questions," Helsinki Consultation, Moscow, 2015

An article about Rose Moss and the Spanish translation of a speech she gave at Diego Portales University in Santiago, Chile this past March. "Cara contra cara: literatura versus periodismo." Published in Dossier 25, Revista de la Facultad de Communication y Lettras UDP, Ano 9.

Multiple identities and language in the translation of Rose Moss's short stories, review by Encarnación Postigo Pinazo, Women's Studies International Forum, Elsevier. Synopsis and full review.

Twenty-five Years (1972-1997): A Commemorative Volume of New Writing, review by Simon Lewis , Department of English, College of Charleston. Published by: H-AfrLitCine, February, 2000


Interview: Sonia Petisco, Bulletin, Real Colegio Complutense, August 2010

Interview and living reading with the Boston Globe, September, 2008

"""Writing of gardens, and the unmanageable,", September 07, 2008

"" "Hjärtat tillhör Sydafrika," HBL Hufvusbladet, September 13, 2007

"" "An eye on her homeland," Cape Argus Books, September 10, 2007

"" "Om att återuppfinna världen," Ny Tid, 2007

“Toward More Strategic Conversations,” Open Book Management Bulletin, Somerville, MA, 1999.

“Revolutions and Revelations: Rose Moss,” print and audiotape, Bremen, Germany, 1993.

“Fostering Strategic Conversations: Managing Change and Supporting Learning,” Paradigm Shift, print and audiotape Patricia Seybold Group, Boston, MA, 1993.

“Telling the Truth,” Contrast, 47, Vol. 12, No. 3, Cape Town, South Africa, 1979.

New York Times, 1990.

Harvard Business Review, 1983.

New York Times, 1975.

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