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Rose Moss - Two Songs

Two Songs

When you are gone and I hold a shell,
close to my inward ear and hear a hush of
gentle, endless,
all world's flows
on wet earth's bobbin with long skeins
of water, sun to pole,
seamless, salt,
bed where world first wound
chord within living chord
spiral by spiral's kiss
turning to be
sea labyrinths of shell, and ours of ear,
turing to hear my inward heart
echo its song
in you
who make it sing
Sweet music sing to me
The song the spheres once sang
Trembling upon each other
in crystal harmony;
Sweet music sing to me
The cadence of doves on a white morning
In that courtyard with purple flowers,
Before their wings showed dark against the
Sweet music sing to me
The words, the voice, our eyes,
When–met again–we touch and find
Our pitch, our tone, our melody;
. . . the night when nothing sounds
Beating time to its own silence
The body.
Sweet music sing to me
And plant your concord note by note
To break through time and mortal sense
Like leaves that pierce deaf winter clay.